August 5, 2021

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Little Nightmares 2’s spooky new Steam demo invites you down to the woods today

You can now take a few tantalising first steps into developer Tarsier Studios’ deliciously sinister platform sequel Little Nightmares 2, courtesy of a brand-new demo on Steam – which is expected to arrive on consoles in the new year.

Little Nightmare 2 (technically a sequel, although Tarsier has so far been a little cagey about how it slots into the series’ timeline) once again stars Six – the pint-sized, yellow-raincoat-wearing protagonist of the original game – albeit now in a supporting role.

This time around, players control new character Mono (the game’s AI takes care of Six’s actions) on an adventure that trades the stuffy, squalid interiors of the first game’s horrifying Maw in favour of – admittedly no less claustrophobic – exterior locales.

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