Letter from the Editor: Feast and famine

Letter from the Editor is a new monthly column from our editor – a bit like the editorial on the first page of a magazine! – that’s exclusive to all Eurogamer supporters.

In a way, this month’s column is an extension of what I talked about in the first letter last month: what constitutes a busy release schedule and what doesn’t. Back then, I was musing on the contrast between 2021’s meagre lineup of big releases and the parade of positive reviews of mostly smaller games we have run recently. (Indeed, in the weeks since I wrote that, we’ve added two more Essentials and Stephen Totilo’s Axios Gaming newsletter did us the honour of undertaking a statistical analysis of our reviewing – complete with graph! – pointing out that we’ve equalled 2020’s tally of Essentials with fewer games reviewed overall and two months still to go in the year.)

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