Leaked Battlefield 6 screens suggest reveal trailer is imminent

We have our first proper Battlefield 6 leak.

Two screenshots seemingly originating from the next Battlefield game, which everyone is calling Battlefield 6 for now, have been leaked online over the weekend.

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The shots were first uploaded to a since-deleted Imgur album, and have since spawned countless other mirrors online. We won’t be embedding them in the story, but you can see them for yourself here and here.

The shots appear to be screengrabs from a trailer, given their pixelated look. These could indeed be captured from the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer, which rumours suggest is dropping sometime this month.

The first screenshot shows the inside of a helicopter cockpit, possibly the Viper, which appeared in Battlefield 3 and 4. The panel on the right displays what look to be armaments, with standard missiles, a minigun, and what look to be guided bombs. There’s also one more slot for – presumably – defence. The helicopter is seen firing at a missile launch installation.

The second screenshot shows a bird’s-eye view of the same island, where multiple Osprey troop transports are flying into the action as a storm rages in the middle. These are the only two screens to appear, which seems a bit strange considering whoever took them likely has access to the full trailer.

Nevertheless, the fact that they exist at all suggests that we’re getting very close to the trailer’s official release, and the game’s announcement.

EA recently made a big deal out of its ambitions with Battlefield 6. Alongside main series creator DICE Sweden, multiple other studios within EA are also working on Battlefield 6 content, including DICE LA, Criterion and EA Gothenburg. A fifth studio is working on a mobile game coming next year.

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