Inscryption review: a wonderful nightmare, and a vividly memorable game of cards

What I love about Inscryption is that not only does it manage to stand out in the card game space, which is not an easy thing to do, but that it almost relies upon the saturation of the space to really come alive. It’s as though it needs your familiarity with the other games in order to play around with what you expect. And, it has to be said, to play around with you.

You are the toy – that is clearly the theme. But you are trying to break out, and escape. But from what? What is that being sat across the table from you, shrouded in the darkness, with only eyes visible, watching, boring into you. They seem to have complete control over you and the surroundings, this wood cabin in the middle of… you have no idea. It feels like it should be an American Wild West frontier, but it could be anywhere, if it’s really real at all. And yet, you’re free to walk around, to puzzle over the ornaments you find there. The only problem comes when you try to leave.

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