Humble Bundle reinstating charitable donation sliders following outcry over removal

Humble Bundle has reversed its controversial decision to remove charity sliders from its bundle pages – a move that would have significantly reduced the percentage of payments players were able to donate charity.

Humble Bundle has long permitted customers to choose how they want to split their bundle payments between a charity, a game’s publisher, and Humble Bundle itself, even allowing them to donate 100% of their money to charity if they so choose – a split determined by shifting a number of sliders.

It’s a system that’s so far helped Humble Bundle raise a whopping $195m USD (around £140m) for charity over the decade it’s been in operation. Last month, however, the company announced it would be doing away with bundle sliders (and admitted it had already quietly removed them for some users back in March as a “test”), replacing them with a toggle system offering a fixed payment split instead – a move the company said it was making to bring its bundle pages “more in line with how our other products support charity”.

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