How we built a streamlined recording and streaming setup for DF Direct

Earlier this year, we started DF Direct Weekly – initially envisaged as a way to cover more topics and to do so in a way that wouldn’t require massive production values. The obvious way to do this is via a simple Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting – but the results just weren’t good enough, not meeting quality thresholds and looking out of place on the DF YouTube channel. At the same time, we were also looking at ways to more easily deliver higher quality filmed material in a ‘work from home’ environment, where space is at a premium and where time is of the essence.

In addressing the filming challenges of DF Direct Weekly, we ended up creating environments that would hold up not just for the Direct but for interview and DF retro content too. Ultimately, it’s all about integrating DSLRs instead of webcams, while tapping into some of the best streaming hardware available. We think that some of the lessons here could be useful shortcuts for anyone that’s looking to create a modern, clutter-free way of streaming or recording videos – so this is a breakdown of exactly how our final setup works, from audio and video to lights, capture and controls.

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