Here’s What You Can Expect From Star Wars Day In Video Games

With no Star Wars movies on the immediate horizon, and most of the live-action Disney+ shows currently filming, this year’s Star Wars Day celebration hasn’t been filled fireworks, but the day did start with a bang with the release of the first episode of The Bad Batch. This excellent continuation of The Clone Wars animated series was followed up with a little big of gaming collectible news: two awesome Black Series action figures based on Jedi: Fallen Order.

If the day’s festivities have you itching to play a Star Wars game, you will find new content in a handful of titles. Star Wars Squadrons, the awesome dogfighting experience from developer EA Motive, received a small update in the form of new starfighter paint jobs (for the A-Wing and TIE Interceptor), as well as lightsaber cockpit items. In a tweet, EA says this is the final cosmetic drop that will be added to Squadrons.

If your interest lies in the mobile game Galaxy of Heroes, you can unlock a few of the members of The Bad Batch, who you can see in the tweet below utilize their unique talents from the show.

EA is also inviting The Sims Freeplay fans to return to their virtual homes to obtain a bunch of free stuff, such as a Rebel Fighter Pilot Suit, Grogu statue, lightsaber wall lights, and costumes for Darth Vader and Princess Leia.

Minecraft players can log in to receive a free R2-D2 beanie, and also find new items and emotes in the character creator. Also of note today, Tsum Tsum added both The Mandalorian and Grogu as unlockable characters, and in Disney Emoji Blitz, you can unlock Jabba the Hutt as an emoji if you complete his challenge. No matter where you look, most Star Wars games are discounted today or have some kind of new content to dive into or unlock.


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