Here’s what Battlefield 2042’s scoreboard could look like

DICE elected not to bring back a number of classic features when developing Battlefield 2042. One of those is the standard scoreboard, which typically shows your place amongst your team, as well as enemy players.

Battlefield 2042’s version of that only really tracks your own performance, and offers general guidance on how the rest of the squads on your team are doing. There’s no way to benchmark your own performance against everyone else’s. Though the game does have more pressing issues that need to be dealt with, players have been lamenting the death of the scoreboard since before Battlefield 2042 even launched.

DICE eventually sort-of acknowledged the community’s desire for a traditional scoreboard, but the version we might get down the line will likely only show up at the end of the round. As the Battlefield community is known to do, some of the more industrial members have been coming up with their own solutions.

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