Here’s how to reset the Resident Evil Village demo timer on Steam

As expected, PC players have figured out how to unlock Resident Evil Village’s demo time limit.

The Resident Evil Village demo finally came to PC over the weekend. Available on Steam, the demo includes two sections, one set in the eponymous village, and another in the castle.

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Just like on other platforms, the Resident Evil Village demo can only be played for an hour in total. It’s always-online, too, so you can’t easily bypass this limitation – “easily” being the operative word here. That’s because, to no one’s surprise, someone figured out how to reset the timer.

On the Steam forums, user Leaves has detailed a step-by-step process that will reset your timer each time. It essentially involves fooling Steam into thinking you have not played the game, which basically forces it create a new save and start you at the beginning.

The downside is that you’ll have to do this process every time you want to play after the one-hour limit runs out. Because the process involves deleting your saves, you’ll also need to re-adjust the game’s various settings. That said, you could back up ‘data00-1.bin’ (found at the directory below) and paste it into the same folder every time you follow the steps to maintain your chosen settings.

  1. Disable Steam Cloud for the Resident Evil Village demo.
  2. Download Steam SAM (Steam Achievement Manager).
  3. Delete Local Savefiles (Located at: \Steam\userdata\\1541780\remote\win64_save\).
  4. Start Steam SAM and select the Resident Evil Village demo.
  5. Remove Achievements and Stats, confirm.

Capcom recently heard player feedback and decided to extend the demo until May 9. Note that this only means you have more time to play it, but you’re still limited to one-hour per save.

It’s also worth noting that while you can reset the timer, demo content is very limited, and you won’t be able to access any content that isn’t already included in the demo.

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