October 23, 2021

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Halo Infinite’s performance modes impress on Series X and One X

Halo Infinite’s latest technical tests are in full flight. Last weekend, the action kicked off with the trio of maps we saw in the initial preview, backed by new game maps, offline training options and the surprise debut of a new ‘Behemoth’ map. The testing continues this weekend, and the arrival of big team battles is enticing. Based on what we played, the console versions are looking more impressive overall – and there’s good news in terms of improvements to the game’s performance modes on Xbox Series X and, perhaps surprisingly, Xbox One X.

However, the truth is that for the most part, the technical make-up of Halo Infinite is mostly unchanged from the game’s multiplayer test debut. So, to recap, Xbox One S is clearly the most challenged version. It attempts to run at 1080p but has aggressive dynamic resolution scaling, independently shifting pixel counts on both the horizontal and vertical resolutions. This can look rather rough, a situation not helped by a 30fps cap that sees new frames delivered unevenly, adding extra choppiness. However, it is Halo Infinite, it is playable and while you’ll be disadvantaged playing against Xbox users on any other console, it is still enjoyable.

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