Halo Christmas event ‘Winter Contingency’ starts today

Halo Infinite is getting its first Christmas event, with Winter Contingency, launching today. This holiday-ready event offers players the chance to unlock 10 suitably festive rewards and lasts until January 4th. Between today and December 30th, a new reward will be released every day. These rewards will be comprised of armour pieces, a nameplate, emblems, an armour attachment Spartan and weapon coatings and a special backdrop.

So how do you earn these tantalising-looking rewards? Well, simply by completing a match of Arena or Big Team Battle each day. As fans who have become hopelessly addicted to the Halo magic will know, this is Infinite’s second multiplayer event, with the samurai-themed Fracture: Tenrai debuting last month.

Following the success of the game so far, Halo infinite Season 1 has been extended until May 2022. The reason behind the decision was to give Bunge “ more time to ensure Season 2 meets our high quality bar” according to Halo Infinite’s head of creative, Joseph Staten. On the plus side, 343 will be beefing up Season 1 in order to compensate, with Staten stating

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