July 7, 2022

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Guide: Where To Pre-Order Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

Much like the NES and SNES Mini before it, the dinky Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is sure to be a collectors item and hard to get unless you put in a pre-order as soon as humanly possible. Naughty scalpers are sure to have a field day with this one.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. arrives in stores on November 13th and it includes the following retro-tastic Mario games (and a clock!):

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Buy Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. In The UK

At the time of writing, UK readers have their pick of places to pre-order. The official Nintendo Store UK has the unit £5 cheaper than the competition, except for ShopTo which shaves fourteen pennies off Nintendo’s price and is currently the best deal available.

Buy Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. In The US

At the time of writing, Best Buy has its pre-orders page up, although it’s only offering to notify you when units become available. Amazon’s page also states that the Game & Watch is ‘currently unavailable’.

Disappointing, to be sure, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for when the pages to live and we’ll update the guide as soon as we find something.

Import Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.

On the import front, stock is sold out at the official Nintendo site in Japan and Play Asia, too. The official Nintendo option only ships to residents of Japan anyway., but with Play Asia apparently sold out of its allocation, it looks like US residents will have to sit tight for the time being.

We’re keeping on the lookout for more G&W Super Mario Bros. pre-orders, so watch this space!