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GTA Online Slashers and Phantom Car Halloween Events: How to spawn slashers

The streets of Los Santos aren’t safe at night. Famous movie monsters are stalking the sidewalks of GTA Online, hungrier for blood than a hacker with unlimited rocket launcher wallhacks.

Added to the game this spooky season are 4 Halloween Slashers inspired by some of the most notorious villains around – spawning behind you when you least expect it. While on the road you can come grill-to-grill with a possessed Phantom Car like in the Stephen King story, Christine – or if you want my preferred reference, a Were-car like Bender turns into in that Halloween episode of Futurama.

As you might expect, GTA Online’s Slashers and Phantom Car only spawn at night, but if you manage to defeat them you’ll get a special reward once the nightmare ends.

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