Ghost Trick and the joy of the ridiculous

I recently wrote about coming to the 3DS ten years late, and how much I love it now, but the decision to pick it up in the first place was motivated by my desire to play a single game. I’m a known Ace Attorney fan since I played the trilogy collection in 2019. I wasted no time getting my hands on the other games, and it has become my favourite gaming series very quickly.

This prompted people to tell me about Ghost Trick, designed and written by Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi. Ghost Trick, my friends would say, isn’t just a good game or a great game, it’s one of the best. Near flawless. By nature that’s bound to make me suspicious, but when I finally got around to playing Ghost Trick on a borrowed 3DS, I was entranced.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective tells the story of Sissel, who wakes up in a junkyard only to find he’s dead, made evident by his body lying in the dirt before him, arse up (a scene which made for the game’s fantastic cover art). Just seconds after this shocking discovery, he meets a desk lamp who tells him to save a young woman from certain death at the hands of an assassin, after she’s already died. In order to do so you can possess different items: early on I’m possessing a bicycle to guide it along a powerline by its handles. It’s too risky to say anything else about Ghost Trick without spoiling it for you, but if you’re not intrigued at the prospect of, and I have to repeat myself, turning back time to undo a death as a bicycle, I don’t know what to tell you. This isn’t even the most ridiculous thing that happens in this game by far.

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