Get Your Exclusive Look at Super Animal Royale’s “Busy Busy” Season 2

Get ready to get “busy busy” Super Animals; Season 2 of Super Animal Royale has arrived! The Season 2 update is a major content drop including cross-play parties, the all-new Busy Busy Animal Pass, a new Super Animal, map location, exclusive Game Pass Perks reward, and much more.

Michael Silverwood, co-founder of Pixile Studios, joins us for an exclusive deep dive into the update. Let’s pull back the curtain and get the details straight from the Super Horse’s mouth.

Super Animal Royale: Season 2

Season 1 was themed after the Super Animal World theme park’s amenities and attractions. Can you tell us what the focus is for Season 2?

We like picking themes that allow us to include a wide variety of items so that hopefully there’s something for everyone. This season’s “busy busy” theme is fully explored in our latest episode in our YouTube animated series, Super Animal Royale Tonight, and is not only a tribute to the Super Beavers who keep the island running behind the scenes, but also to Thomas Sledison, the park’s inventor Super Husky who designs all the weaponry for the royale. It also aims to fulfill the desires of anyone who wants nothing more than to dress up as a literal busy bee.

Super Animal Royale: Season 2

With beavers joining the battle royale fray, why was this specific animal chosen as the latest addition?

Super Beavers as playable animals have been one of the longest running requests from our community, as they were first seen in SAR Tonight episodes way back at the beginning of Early Access. Until now they were always on the sidelines repairing damage from the royale and constructing new areas to explore on the island, but now they’re finally joining the fight alongside their very own map location! The three new beaver breeds bring the total animal count in the Research Lab to 356, and since we can rarely resist a good pun, one of the breeds is the yellow and black striped, Super Beever.

Super Animal Royale: Season 2

From a gameplay perspective, what makes the new Beaver Construction HQ map location distinct?

The new point of interest is quite centrally located on the island so is likely to become another one of the hotter drops, and as such contains two large buildings filled with lots of loot, connected by 3 crossable dams over a river. Crossing the narrow dams between the buildings makes you somewhat vulnerable, similar to the bridges in Pete’s Swamp, but towers at the center of the walkways give you some cover when you need it. We’ve sprinkled lots of little details throughout like vending machines selling choice cuts of wood, motivational posters, scale models for construction projects and the previous Lunar New Year statues from Bamboo Resort that get swapped out each year.

Super Animal Royale: Season 2

Can you share any details about the DLC pack you put together for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks?

We’re so grateful for all the players in the Xbox community who supported us during Game Preview when we did our first Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk, so we’ve put together a new pack that features 4 items in Xbox’s trademark green color scheme. There’s a hoodie, two gun skins, and a pretty slick looking sword. We’d love to do more of these so it would be great to hear what the Xbox community would like to see next!

Super Animal Royale: Season 2

Season 2 arrives alongside a new holiday event, Super CRISPRmas. What sort of festive treats can players expect to see and what is this “CRISPRmas” holiday all about?

CRISPRmas is the time of year when Super Animals come together to celebrate the miracle of (ethically dubious?) gene editing! CRISPR is a real gene editing technology, and in the world of Super Animal Royale was one piece of the puzzle that led to creation of the Super Animals.

The island is fully decked out for the holidays, with tree decorations all across the island, candy canes scattered around to find, and a big CRISPRmas tree in the welcome center lobby complete with holiday music. The candy canes you collect can be redeemed for 8 new holiday cosmetic items and 17 returning legacy items. We’ve also added two holiday-themed Super Animal breeds to the Research Lab permanently: the new Super Arctic Fox and Super Reindeer.

Super Animal Royale: Season 2

Are there any other major features players can look forward to, and is there anything else you’d like to leave players with before they hop online to check out the update?

The game has supported cross-play matchmaking and cross-platform account syncing since day 1 on Xbox, but we’re really excited with this update to finally release cross-play parties as well. With cross-play parties, the game generates a 4-digit code to share with your friends, and then you can all squad up or play duos together regardless of each player’s platform.

We’ve also brought back the limited-time Bwoking Dead infection mode that we debuted this Halloween, and it’ll be playable for the entire 3 week duration of the CRISPRmas event. In the mode, select players are infected with The Cluckles, turning them into super fast zombie chickens who try to infect every other Super Animal before they can escape the island on the back of a Giant Eagle.

There’s lots more content and quality of life updates too, so I’ll let everyone check out the full patch notes if they’re curious about that. We’re so thankful of all the support this community has shown us since launch, proud of the foundation that Season 2 sets, and excited for where we’ll be able to take the game next in 2022. We hope everyone who celebrates has a restful holiday season, and gets to enjoy time with friends and family!

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