Genshin Impact Yummy! web event recipes – Every dish and how to grill them

The Genshin Impact “Yummy! Barbecue Under The Stars” web event is currently live, and with it comes the challenge to cook up each unique dish that can be found within the Grilled Fish archive. Each new dish comes with its own unlock rewards, so if you want to get the most out of this limited time event, you’ll want to fill the entire archive out.

As such, we’ve written out this guide (with much assistance from the Genshin Impact Reddit where other players are hard at work trying to figure out all the recipes) to show you how to grill up each and every dish featured in the Yummy! Barbecue Under The Stars event.

This guide will be updated as new dishes are discovered, but with a six hour cooldown between each fish that Childe catches, there’s no rush to fill out the archive on day one. Instead, work through the list from top to bottom, just be sure to log in every day if you want each entry!

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