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Genshin Impact: How to Make Qingce Stir Fry and More

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Despite the idea of someone’s Constellation falling from the sky sounded completely bananas, Mona concludes that that is exactly what’s happening. She deduces that the mountain the meteor victims dream of can’t be Dragonspite. In her eyes, they’d likely recognize the region sandwiched between Liyue and Mondstadt. To figure out the prime location, Mona has to stay and concentrate while you run off to Qingce Village to ask the wider population of victims more about what they remember after waking up.

Teleport into the town centre and ask Jinglun what’s shaking. Everyone’s now terrified of the rocks falling from the sky. Them landing in a field means writing off the crops, and one being near an entrance makes a bit of a traffic jam. Take care of them like you would any other Meteorite Fragment. It’s time for a fight or two.

  • West Meteorite = Electro Slimes
  • North Meteorite = Treasure Hoarders

Jinglun’s just a guard, so he doesn’t know if any of the village’s patients have woken up at any point. Go check them out for yourself and you’ll be met with the same single clue again and again – they’re all dreaming of that frigid mountain.

Qingce Stir Fry

Lucky for us, the third patient, Gao the Sixth, just got out of bed. He needs food: Qingce-specific farmer food! Your potato collection won’t do, but you will need a few other vegetables to whip up the dish he wants – Qingce Stir Fry.

If you can’t make that specific dish just yet, don’t worry. You’ll find the Qingce Stir Fry recipe in Qingce Village itself. Look for Ms. Bai by the water wheel south of the nearby Waypoint and you’ll be able to learn how to make Qingce Stir Fry. She’ll just want 5,000 Mora for the recipe.

With that in hand, you’ll want to have the following ingredients in your inventory:

  • 3 Mushrooms
  • 2 Lotus Head
  • 1 Jueyun Chilli
  • 1 Cabbage


There’s a cooking pot right by Ms. Bai by the water wheel, so light the fire and whip up the rustic dish. Give it to Gao the Sixth to progress the quest.

Turns out that, yes, Gao the Sixth did have the same dream as everyone else. He felt possessed, stricken with the idea of climbing the big snowy mountain. Sounds like something was calling for these sleepyheads. You’re not really any closer to finding out the mountain’s location, but it’s time to tell Mona of the miniscule development.

Leonard. The stars tell her that’s the name of whose Constellation is falling from the sky. After that potential bombshell revelation, the guy with the big hat from Star of Deceitful Dreams will show up again, prompting Mona to swiftly teleport you and the rest of the gang somewhere else. Turns out he’s a Fatui Harbinger, and he’s after your head. But never mind all that; the largest meteorite yet flies overhead.

After hearing Oz’s full name (of which we shall never remember) you’re off to investigate the big brick that Mr. Hat has seemingly walked away from despite his kind being part of why they’re raining down on Teyvat. Head back to Mona’s usual spot and dive off the cliff toward the beach. You’ll find the meteor floating ominously. That concludes the quest.

Completing the quest unlocks the ability to complete Fallen Star challenge missions. Unlike the Meteorite Salvage goal in the previous quest, this one has you defeat enemies and channel that energy into a glowing area around the rock that can change place periodically. The meteorite can give off beneficial and detrimental effects over the coarse of the challenge ranging from buffing nearby characters, to increasing the amount of this energy lost when hit.

Reaping the rewards of the challenge costs 40 Original Resin each time, with the rewards being the Fading Star’s Essence used in the Event Shop. Grab the event-specific Character material as soon as possible so that you don’t eventually miss it. Then, get working on clearing the seven Fallen Star runs needed to claim a free Fischl.

From November 26, the final piece of the puzzle will slide into place. With the above quest out of the way, “Where Ancient Stars Align” will kick in when you log in. As ever, go talk to Mona on Falcon Coast to learn of the latest development of the meteors lulling people into a snow-covered sleep.

First and foremost, while almost breaking character, Fischl thanks you for your work thus far and ultimately bails on you. She and Oz figure you’ve got the main story covered, so they’re off to help the rest the Mililith and the Knights of Favonius deal with either the sleepyheads that still need waking up, or other jobs that need doing while they’re stretched thin. Oz invites you out for a drink sometime, and if not to see how much wine a raven can chug, we’re left to hope it truly does happen.

By using a shaving of the massive rock to do another reading, Mona has deduced that Leonard was most likely an adventurer from hundreds of years ago, whose will (now a curse, as Fischl predicted) is just now falling from the sky.

Head to the Adventurer’s Guild to look up some old records and you’ll learn that Leonard isn’t a particularly unique name. Many of them have come and gone over the years, but there’s a book authored by a Leonard in the library that might offer some more clues. Off you go.

Rush over to the Library Rules book on the counter to the right as you walk in and you should see a prompt to examine the index. It’ll say that Leonard’s book is hiding on the north-west corner of the top floor. It’s wrong, though. It’s actually on the bottom floor directly beneath you. Just drop straight below your current position and you should see is a book titled “Of Mountains and Seas” glistening high up on a bookshelf in the corner. That’s Leonard’s book.

Most of the words have faded to the point where we have to question why it’s freely available in the library. Take it back to Mona to see if she can work it out. Using her magic, she’ll deduce that Leonard died around 2,000 years ago and was never able to conquer the mountain then known as Pilos Peak. Assuming the Fatui are the cause of his constellation now falling to the ground, Mona works out that the biggest rock, which should be harboring Leonard’s spirit, would have fallen atop the mountain he never managed to conquer. It was his literal Everest.

There’s no Pilos Peak anymore, though. Venti blew it away back when he was an actual god. Now it’s merely Musk Reef protruding from the ocean. We need to wonder what Leonard would think of his old nemesis now being a home for washed-up jellyfish.

Teleport over to the Spiral Abyss (or take the portal from the south cliff if you haven’t been there before) and you’ll encounter our Fatui friend, who’s just been taking a meteor-induced nap. Sounds like he’s become a flat-earther, but rather than shed some light on the situation, he takes off, leaving you to deal with two Pyro-based Fatui footsoldiers. You’ll have Mona on loan for this, who’ll make light work of them.

After that, simply touch the meteorite core and you’ll witness Leonard’s parting memoirs. Turns out the veteran adventurer survived his attempt to crawl up Pilos Peak, but devoted what remained of his life to devising the Glider the people of Mondstadt know and love today.

Given just how much the use of gliders was attributed to the Anemo Archon Barbatos, the old story of him wiping out Pilos Peak starts to sound more and more like an act of anger against a mountain that bested a man who could have been a dear friend of Venti in a past life. With that, though, the quest (and the event) ends. Destroying the core should have roused the sleepy villagers, thwarting the ongoing threat of Leonard’s apparent curse.

Just as the previous two mission quests featured a set of three sidequests, this final one does, too. Each rewards 20 Fading Star’s Essence, so completing these quests can give some Event Shop currency without needing Original Resin.

Unlimited Opportunity

A Mysterious Loss

Trouble With Letters

Fading Star’s Essence is the event currency used to purchase most of the rewards from the Event Shop. Like Fading Star’s Might before it, you get the stuff primarily by interacting with meteorites, but a totally different type than the last.

Right now, there are just two ways to get Fading Star’s Essence – challenging the Fallen Star, and completing the the final set of three Meteoric Wave quests.

Challenging the Fallen Star can be done in co-op groups (either pre-formed or through matchmaking) or solo, though taking on the star without a buddy will still put your game into co-op mode, meaning you’ll need to manually opt-out when the challenge is complete if you want to interact with things like shops or quest NPCs.

For 40 Original Resin, completing a Fallen Star challenge run will net you 50 Fading Star’s Essence, which isn’t a bad sum. But if you want to afford the only time-limited reward in the Event Shop without using any Original Resin at all, completing the Meteoric Wave sidequests will get you just enough. These can only be done once, though, so don’t the only way to get an infinite amount of Fading Star’s Essence is by competing as many Fallen Star challenge runs as you can muster.

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