Game Pass Has PC Games – PC Builder Series: Halo Infinite

Welcome back the talents of Austin Evans, UrAvgConsumer, and TinyMakesThings for a legendary episode of the Game Pass Has PC Games – PC Builder Series. For this entry, Austin and Tiny surprise NFL tight end, and Halo super fan, George Kittle with a custom Master Chief key cap, Game Pass Has PC Games stylized spacebar, and a Halo Infinite themed rig perfect for a super fan.

Watch how TinyMakesThings made her artistic key caps – following up the caps she made for Back 4 Blood and Forza Horizon 5, Tiny ended this year with a bang with her new Halo Infinite inspired design! Check out the key cap resembling Master Chief’s helmet and of course a Game Pass Has PC Games Spacebar.

The Halo Infinite campaign has been available since day one with PC Game Pass, so jump into the action today! Begin anew and step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and finally explore the scale of the Halo ring itself. You can also jump into the free-to-play Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta today and enjoy all Season 1: Heroes of Reach has to offer.

Last week, we invited the top pro players and streamers to participate in the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational with Boom TV featuring Halo Infinite. The tournament had some intense matches and extremely fun moments. To celebrate the best clips, UrAvgConsumer made a custom Escharum inspired PC build to giveaway to the participant who’s clip the community voted the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational: Legendary Moment. Check out UrAvgConsumer’s build process in his YouTube video and make sure you join the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational Hub on Boom TV, so you never miss an event.

Game Pass Has PC Games – PC Builder Series: Halo Infinite

There you have it, it’s time to play Halo Infinite. Stay tuned to the Xbox Wire to catch all the updates about new day one games coming to PC Game Pass and enjoy the holidays.

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