Exploring Nintendo’s Metroid Dread | Video Gameography

The first season of Game Informer’s Video Gameography has explored the history of the Metroid series, but it’s time to wrap the season by talking about, arguably, the biggest Nintendo game of the year: Metroid Dread.

On October 8, 2021, Metroid Dread was released for Nintendo’s Switch. Nintendo heralded the title as the end of an era for the series, but considering how well it’s selling, it could also be the beginning of another golden age. Oddly, Dread might have one of the longest teases in history, as its name first appeared back in 2005. In this week’s show, we talk about our problems with the game’s controls, what we thought of the difficulty, and what its big narrative reveal means for Samus’ future. 

Join hosts Ben Reeves (@BenjaminReeves), Marcus Stewart (@MarcusStewart7), and special guest, soon-to-be-GameSpot-editor Jessica Howard (@awildjessichu) for the next hour as we explore Metroid Dread’s lore, development history, and lasting impact. 

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