Eve Spectrum review: the best HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor?

A genuinely competitive 4K 144Hz monitor with unique features at a fair price. That was the promise of the Eve Spectrum, a unique ‘crowd-designed’ project that is also the company’s first ever monitor. Against steep odds, Eve has delivered the goods. While a few rough edges remain, the Spectrum is a surprisingly competent package, capable of standing against rivals from long-established competitors.

As we mentioned in our first impressions piece nine months ago, the design of this monitor is superb. Rather than imitating the RGB-soaked, metal-and-plastic amalgamations of standard ‘gaming’ monitors, Eve has opted for a simpler look. With a skinny stand and little ornamentation, the Spectrum could come off as cheap, but the robust materials, monochrome colour scheme and industrial design elevate the monitor to the level of a pre-Cook Apple product.

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