March 29, 2023

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DF Direct Weekly takes on the PSVR2 spec leak, The Coalition on UE5 and RetroTink 5x

Eleven episodes in and we’re not still run out of chat! DF Direct Weekly is where the core team members take a break from their tasks every Thursday to discuss the biggest tech stories of the week. The show goes out on Saturday to members of the Digital Foundry Supporter Program, who also provide excellent source material for our weekly Q+A. The show then gets its public release every Monday, where you shall discover what we think about topics as diverse as The Coalition’s announcement that it’s working with Unreal Engine 5, to the reveal of the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti notebook GPU, to the leak of the PSVR2 specifications.

We also like to spend a bit of time talking about the content we’re working on and some of the reaction to it, with Alex Battaglia particularly forthright about the reaction to his Resident Evil Village PC breakdown in particular. John Linneman discusses his live stream on the brilliant RetroTink 5X scaler (watch that stream here, it’s great!). Meanwhile, we also talk about some of the behind the scenes goodies given away to supporters, including a two-hour retro Q+A, and a look back to God of War 3 way back in 2010 amongst other things via our ‘Classic FPS Remastered’ series. This is where we dig out library captures from decade-old hard drives, re-analyse the footage with today’s tools and sympathetically upscale 720p video for today’s 2160p displays.

For those interested in specific segments, here are some time codes for you:

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