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Dead By Daylight’s The Midnight Grove Halloween Event Is Live Now

It may not be Halloween just yet, but Dead by Daylight’s Halloween event starts today. It’s a celebration about smashing pumpkins, getting new cosmetics, and dealing with some new elements inside each map that players already know and love. You can earn new stuff for the new character Mikaela Reid, as well!

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While Mikaela is the first survivor to the game that has added the concept of boon totems, some of the wrinkles are still getting worked out with her abilities. But hey, it’s fun to have the killer have to muddle about to go find those totems sometimes too right? It’s not just the survivor’s job to go track down that Hex: Ruin and Hex: Devour Hope now!

The Midnight Grove event runs from today until November 4, and if you log in during this time frame you’ll get a one-time bonus of 666,666 bloodpoints. That’s actually a pretty nice boost, so you can use that to do anything, but it’s probably a great idea to level up Mikaela. There’s a special reward tome that you can complete during this period that has a bunch of cool things to unlock, including an outfit for Mikaela, an outlet for Doctor, and an assortment of extremely cool Halloween charms.

During the event, there are a multitude of fun variants for many normal pieces of gear you can unlock in the bloodweb, including special flashlights and other neat event variants on standard addon items. Some of the other bloodweb unlocks are specific to the event, like objects that will spawn tangled generators or hooks that you can use to help complete your tome.

The event is time-limited and only lasts two weeks, so if you want to finish the tome it’s probably time to start playing.


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