Dead by Daylight players are arguing about the Lightborn perk

Like all live service games with a passionate online community, Dead by Daylight is liable to the occasional silly drama and debates surrounding gameplay intricacies every now and again. Lo and behold, the current discussion surrounding the Lightborn perk, and the topic of survivor vs killer enjoyment it seems to have uncovered.

First, a bit of background. Dead by daylight is an online multiplayer survival game where a group of survivors must survive an encounter with a player-controller killer. Both the killer and survivors are given tools to help them, including perks that provide certain traits.

One such perk is called Lightborn, which allows for killers to gain a certain resistance to flashlights – a tool survivors use to blind killers while they make their escape or achieve certain objectives. As you can imagine, this makes Lightborn a situational but somewhat useful perk for those frustrated with being blinded all the time, especially since a survivor strategy exists where players all take flashlights and continuously blind the killer.

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