August 5, 2021

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CEX staff raise safety concerns as in-person trade-ins continue during new UK lockdown

Since England entered into a national lockdown this week I’ve been contacted by many CEX staff members concerned about the chain’s plans to stay operational when all non-essential businesses are supposed to close, and all employees are required to work from home where possible.

CEX is one of several non-essential high street retail chains which have opted to stay open to offer click-and-collect. This is permitted by government guidelines, which describe click-and-collect as a service “where goods are pre-ordered and collected off the premises”.

On top of this, CEX continues to offer the opposite service, which it terms Drop & Go. As the name implies, this offering is designed to let customers drop off used goods in-person at CEX stores after having generated a receipt for them online. Payment is subsequently made via bank transfer after the items have been unpacked by staff, cleaned and tested.

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