Bring Cheer to Tamriel During The Elder Scrolls Online’s New Life Festival Event

During the New Life Festival (now live and running until Tuesday, January 4 at 10 a.m. EST) you can earn unique in-game rewards and enjoy a bonus to XP gains by travelling to the festival tent just south of the city of Windhelm. There, you can acquire unique event-specific quests to help spread cheer to its many inhabitants.

ESO’s New Life Festival Event

These quests will have you perform a series of festive tasks all over Tamriel, including the opportunity to toss some mud balls in Auridon, practice your lockpicking skills in Reaper’s March, and leap into Eastmarch’s frozen depths as part of the famous Snow Bear Plunge.

As you complete New Life Festival daily quests, you’ll get a bonus to XP gains and receive special Gift Boxes as rewards, containing a myriad of event-specific rewards including styles, mementos, fragments of the new Powderwhite Coney pet, pages for the new Snow Bear Winter Wear Armor style, and more. There’s also special crafting Writs for those with a charitable heart — give to receive!

ESO’s New Life Festival Event

Join us in celebrating another incredible year in The Elder Scrolls Online and help spread cheer to every corner of Tamriel. Special quests, bonus XP, and unique rewards await during the New Life Festival from now until Tuesday, January 4 at 10 a.m. EST — have fun!

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