March 30, 2023

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Battlefield Twitter breaks silence to tease June reveal

The next Battlefield will be revealed in June, which is what everyone expected.

The official Battlefield account on Twitter has posted another bizarre Tweet. “Words that rhyme with Soon,” it said. “June, Boom.”

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This is clearly, of course, teasing that the anticipated next Battlefield will be revealed in June. The Tweet is weird, in part, because June is when everyone expects to see the game anyway. EA has always properly revealed every Battlefield game in recent memory in June, whether at E3 or its own event.

The timing of the Tweet is a little curious, however, because it seems to be responding to a rumour that’s been going around recently that suggested a reveal trailer is imminent. Indeed, screenshots of this supposed trailer leaked recently.

I don’t really believe that EA is saying that you shouldn’t expect any Battlefield news until June. There’s every chance a teaser/in-engine trailer is coming sometime this month to build anticipation for the full reveal.

Which is what makes this Tweet all the more puzzling. If plans have indeed changed, and we’re not going to see or hear from the next game until June, then it makes a little bit more sense. But for how quiet DICE and EA have been so far, it doesn’t make much sense to misdirect fans when we’re likely days away from news.

We’ll find out soon, anyway.

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