Banshee Queen Cliodhna Available Now in Spooky Smite Update

The Queen of the Banshees update marks the coming of Cliodhna, the newest Celtic goddess, available now in Smite on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The banshees’ wails sound across the emerald isle, their mournful keening the herald of doom upon a household, for death now waits beyond the door. Few symbols of the Celtic age have endured longer than the Banshee, and none of that dreaded pedigree commands more fame than their matriarch Cliodhna. The cry of the banshee survives even in the modern world as a parallel to a sound of intolerable hideousness where one’s first instinct is to cover their ears to block out a noise of such horrific potency. Yet while you should heed the peril of Cliodhna’s dreadful dirge, it is her silence that is far more terrifying.

We crafted Cliodhna to be an assassin with a kit that goes beyond merely waiting behind a wall; she’s inside the walls, lurking unseen until her prey is most vulnerable then striking with the fury of a graveyard screech. Cliodhna embodies the frightful aspect of the October months, allowing players to take on the role of the midnight terror, stalking their enemies and striking without warning. Other games hit you with jumpscares, but as Cliodhna, you are the jumpscare.

Spooky Smite Update

As potent as her passive ability to wait within the walls can be, lingering too long will sap her health and leave her vulnerable. Yet thanks to her second active ability, Flickering Visions, the banshee queen can remain unseen even in broad daylight, cursing her target with an inability to detect Cliodhna and granting her a speed boost for a swift escape. The ability showcases the unique playstyle the goddess offers: embrace the role of the haunting spirit and your enemies will fall straight into the grave. If you still haven’t picked up the 2021 Smite Season Pass, snag it now to get the Limited Ascended Cliodhna skin along with other content for every Season 8 God.

The Queen is bringing along treats as well as tricks with The Reaping: VIII. Fellow Celtic goddess Artio has taken up the mantle of Beast Seer to destroy the witchcraft plaguing the lands, but has been captured and sealed within a coffin. Break all the locks by completing eight event quests to receive the Beast Seer Artio Skin for free! 

Spooky Smite Update

The Reaping introduces all new exclusive skins, including Crimson Steel Ares, Omniscient Oracle Zeus, and Wiseguy Cupid. The seasonal Halloween Chest is also available with Cybershadow Merlin and Deadly Doll Cliodhna. Yes, that’s right! Cliodhna will receive a new Exclusive Skin on the same day as her release. Purchase Halloween Chest rolls or a new Reaping Skin to earn Pumpkin currency. Collect six pumpkins to receive the ultimate reward: Screamy Chibi Izanami.

A chill creeps into the battleground with the Winter Deadwoods, a massive visual overhaul covering the conquest map in snow and ice. Plus: we’re introducing an all-new gameplay mechanic: lanterns. Breakable lanterns will be placed in key locations around the map. Attacking a lantern releases a cloud of obscuring mist for one minute, concealing players within from enemy minions and gods. Keep an eye out for broken lanterns: you never know what’s lurking inside the fog…

This update has something for everyone! There’s a new goddess, new map update, a new event, and for everyone following the Odyssey, the C.A.T. Force Hercules skin is rising out of the Perilous Seas, and now is the perfect time to dive into the event!

Have a happy Fall season, and remember…

She’s in the walls.

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