Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a wonderful new coda

This week’s arrival of the fantastic – and completely free – Assassin’s Creed Stories crossover was much heralded for bringing immortal Odyssey star Kassandra into the world of Valhalla. With very few exceptions, Assassin’s Creed protagonists do not meet and share screen time – and they certainly do not team up in the fashion we see in Valhalla’s new Island of Skye location, where the long-lived, wise-cracking Kassandra acts as a neat foil for the no-nonsense Valhalla hero Eivor.

Such crossovers are always going to be fan-pleasing fun – but it was actually the first half of this new content, added to 2018’s Odyssey, which really took me by surprise. It has been a very long three years since I explored Odyssey’s sun-drenched Aegean for the first time – and this week’s sizeable new questline, lovingly crafted by Odyssey’s Quebec studio, felt like a trip back in time.

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