Aspire: Ina’s Tale – A Beautiful Yet Delicately Twisted 2D Adventure – is Available Now

Hi there! My name is Pablo Abraham and I’m Game Director at Wondernaut Studio. We’re a small Brazilian team located in the south of this sprawling country and together we created Aspire: Ina’s Tale, an evocative yet delicately twisted tale 2D adventure. Think GRIS meets Limbo. In our game you will play as Ina, a brave heroine escaping from a living tower that once imprisoned her in a perpetual sleep and fed off her dreams. When she is suddenly awoken, she sets off on journey of freedom and discovery.


Along the way, you’ll meet various eclectic and bizarre inhabitants of the Tower. Some are prisoners too and require you help to get free. Others are bonded to the tower to serve it. It’s through these characters that you will discover both the Tower’s story and your own; for the Tower is alive and breathes, but also feeds on hopes, dreams, and imagination. Will Ina remain a dreamer, or will she wake up and aspire to be more?


You will also solve a variety of puzzles utilizing Ina’s astral powers to manipulate spirits that alter the properties of objects around you. Manipulate light and objects to reshape the obstacles in your way. At times you’ll need also need to rely on your timing and precision to beat the Tower’s obstacles.


And finally, the music for Aspire: Ina’s Tale has been carefully composed to create a true journey of sounds and emotions. It incorporates elements from a multitude of musical genres and styles, with an orchestra and traditional Asian ethnic instruments blended with synthesized and mystical sounds.

So if you enjoy creative, story-driven games with a penchant for eye-catching art that you can complete in a few sittings, then our little creation might just be the next game for you.


Aspire: Ina’s Tale is available now on Xbox for 12.99 USD.

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