Ash is Apex Legends’ next playable hero, Season 11 trailer coming later this week

Apex Legends is getting another new hero, Ash, when Season 11 – Escape – kicks off at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks to a brand new Stories from the Outlands trailer (embedded below) released by Apex Legends developer Respawn and publisher EA today, we know the name and backstory of the next character we’re going to get to play as: Ash.

If you’re big into your Titanfall/Apex Legends lore, you may remember Ash from the second game; Ashleigh ‘Ash’ Reid is a Simulacrum Pilot and baddy from Titanfall 2. She’s changed a bit since we saw her in the last game, though, and the video embedded above gives us some insight into how she became this odd android creature she is today.

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