Arcade1Up steps up its replica arcade cabinets with full-size ‘pro’ machines

Retro gaming is big business. Be it high-end, high-price retro handhelds or mini arcade cabinets, there’s a huge audience and a mint to be made by companies willing to stoke our nostalgia – and one of the market leaders is now taking things to the next level.

Announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, replica arcade creator Arcade1Up is giving their range something of a level up with its first ‘Pro Series’ arcade machines – full-size, full-fat cabinet recreations for the truly hardcore.

This new line isn’t a replacement for the existing Arcade1Up products, which have now sold nearly 3 million units, but rather a new pillar of the company’s product line-ups. It joins the traditional Arcade1Up machines (smaller three-quarter sized cabinet recreations), the Junior range (even smaller cabinets for kids), the Infinity Game Table (an electronic tabletop which can play digital board games), and Electronic Pinball machines.

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