September 27, 2021

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Apple blocks Epic request to restore Fortnite on iPhone in South Korea

UPDATE 3.55pm UK: Epic boss Tim Sweeney has branded Apple’s continued blocking of its developer tools as “petty and ridiculous”. It comes after Epic asked for its developer access to be restored so it could relaunch Fortnite – including its direct-to-Epic payment method – in South Korea following a law change there. More on all that below.

“Like Apple’s attempt to retaliate against all Unreal Engine customers, their refusal to restore Epic’s Fortnite developer account is vindictive and nonsensical,” Sweeney wrote on Twitter. “We’re fighting Apple over their iOS terms, but this ban blocks Fortnite from Mac too. Nobody’s arguing about Mac.

“Mac is a highly secure open platform, like iOS should be. Mac users are free to install software from third party sources like Steam and Epic Games Store, as iOS users should be. Apple holding Mac users hostage to an iOS dispute is petty and ridiculous.”

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