Apex Legends season 11 – how good is the C.A.R SMG?

Nothing gets meta heads and battle royale fanatics excited like a new gun, and Apex Legends season 11 has brought a shiny new SMG to the table to get everyone’s mouths watering. The C.A.R SMG joins popular close range powerhouses like the R-99 and Prowler, but can it stand up next to these classics?

To find out, we jumped into the Apex Legends: Escape update and messed around with the C.A.R to figure out how useful it actually is in tense games on Storm Point. Is it the Ferrari of SMGs, or your dad’s beat up Vauxhall Astra? Let’s find out!

The C.A.R SMG can use both light and heavy ammo, which is a super useful trait when dealing with its base 20-round magazine and high rate of fire. In early game fights where other players are often swarming around you, you chew through ammo incredibly fast. Being able to use two ammo types helps deal with an huge issue that other SMGs usually struggle with.

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