Activision has fired “more than 20 employees” following harassment allegations

More than 20 Activision Blizzard employees have been fired from the company since the ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit was first filed, per a report in the Financial Times [Paywall] and a note from Activision Blizzard chief compliance officer, Frances Townsend, on the company’s corporate website.

“It doesn’t matter what your rank is, what your job is,” said Townsend in an interview with the FT. “If you’ve committed some sort of misconduct or you’re a leader who has tolerated a culture that is not consistent with our values, we’re going to take action.”

She went on to note that more than 20 people have, so far, been fired from the company as “more than 20 individuals faced other types of disciplinary action,” though none of the employees that have been reprimanded or fired have been named.

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