October 4, 2022

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AC Valhalla: Where to Find Ceolbert in the Bloody Path to Peace

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Welcome to Bloody Path to Peace page for the official IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Bloody Path to Peace, including where to find Ivarr, how to burn the cottages, and how to defeat Ynyr.

When you arrive, speak to Ivarr to start the quest. When prompted, choose whichever dialogue option you’d like: it doesn’t matter as you’ll soon get to decide if you’re tackling this quest stealthily or as an all-out attack. We chose an all-out attack because it’s how our viking Eivor likes to do thing.

You’ll essentially need to burn and plunder the nearby village. You can kill any enemies you see, but you don’t have to — the only thing you have to do is burn down cottages. Use your torch to do this.

After you’ve torched the town, you’ll need to clear out the remaining soldiers before Ynyr arrives. When he arrives, be prepared for a fight.

Ynyr Boss Fight

Ynyr is a two-handed spear user that uses long lunging attacks to damage you. We didn’t witness any red rune attacks when we fought him, but be wary of these just in case. If you see a red rune attack happening, dodge as you cannot parry or block these moves.

With that said, try to parry his attacks and block the ones you can’t parry — if you’re having a hard time nailing down the parry timing in this boss fight, equip a shield because if you miss a parry while using a shield, you’ll still be able to block.

Ynyr’s weak spots are his left arm, his left leg, and his back. Target these to take his stun bar down and open him up for an R3/RS stun move that deals massive damage.


After you defeat him, take out the remaining soldiers and then regroup with Ivarr and Ceolbert. A cutscene will begin. Pick whichever option you’d like during this conversation: we chose to ask Ivarr if he’s satisfied. After this, you’ll need to follow Ceolbert, who wants to fish. Head to our How to Fish guide if you need a reminder of how that works. You’ll need to catch three eels here. After that, go and talk to Ivarr.

When prompted, you can either outright agree with Ivarr, outright disagree with him, or you can mention that there isn’t yet peace. We chose the “there isn’t yet peace” option and Ivarr stormed off angrily. The way the cutscene ends changes based on what you choose, but it won’t matter in the long run, especially for what happens next. In the following cutscene, again, choose whichever dialogue option you want as the outcome will be the same — peace between the two warring kingdoms. Yay! Let’s go tell Ceolbert, who we first need to find.

Where to Find Ceolbert

He can be found about 180 meters west, as seen in the screenshot above. You’ll arrive at his tent with Ceolbert nowhere to be found. Speak to the guards outside his tent to gather some information about where he might be.

When you reach the guard with the drunken brother, if you have level 3 charisma, you’ll gain the option to pick up the drunken brother and carry him (and throw him) to the nearby lake to wake him up. Once he’s awake, speak to him. He’ll tell you that he might be in a nearby cave. It’s about 330 meters away — let’s head there.

Use your Raven when nearby to see the cave you need to enter.

Head inside and make your way deeper into the cave. Be prepared to fight three wolves when you’re close to Ceolbert’s location. Kill them and head deeper until you find Ceolbert. Pick him up and carry him out of the cave, and then take him to Wesberie.

A cutscene will begin when you get back to town. When prompted, we chose to say that we failed Ceolbert. What you choose here only results in a slight change of conversation, but it doesn’t affect what happens next.

This concludes this quest. Head to the next page of the guide, King Killer, to continue this walkthrough.

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