November 29, 2022

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A Way Out developer Josef Fares calls Xbox Series X “a f**king confusing name”

Reckon Microsoft’s naming system for its next-generation consoles is confusing? Josef Fares certainly does.

The outspoken chief creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out, and the upcoming It Takes Two – infamous for this “F**k the Oscars” speech at during the 2017 Game Awards – had some choice words about the Xbox Series X and S in an interview with IGN:

“That’s a f**king confusing name,” he said. “What the f**k’s going on with Microsoft? They’re losing it, man. What the f**k is going on? Like Series S, X, Mex, Next. I mean, who knows this? Come on. Madness. Call it the Microsoft Box and that’s it. I don’t know. It’s a total f**king mess. Trust me, even them, they’re confused in their offices. What is this X, S… I don’t know, what the f**k.”

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