August 8, 2022

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6 Alternative Board Games like Ludo King

6 Alternative Board Games like Ludo King

There is a major shift in the Board Game industry since 2019. Board Game Developers have shaken the Boardgame market by gaining so much interaction through social media platforms and crowdfunding. There are many such board games in the Google Play Store and Apple App store that will not waste your time at all. Would you like to know about all those games?

What is the Future of Board games?

According to the study published by ReportLinker in 2019, the global Board game is expected to reach a value of more than $12 billion in 2023.

If someone talked about the Top Board Games of 2021 then Ludo King is the one game that first comes to mind. Earlier Ludo King was the only Board game that dominated the Board gaming market Since its first release in 2016. But now it is no longer be only Leading Boardgame of 2021. If you are here to know the Most Downloaded Board Games 2021 Apart from Ludo King then you are at the Right Place. There are numerous Top Game Development Companies that have the ability and fully equipped game app developers team to deliver such board games because of such Board gaming Market.

These are the Best Board Games like Ludo King :

1. Ludo Master™ – Ludo Board Game:

Ludo Master™ has one of the top Boardgame after Ludo King because Ludo Master™ is a popular and exciting board game that becomes the most preferable choice for you if you want to share your interests and childhood memories with your relatives, colleagues, and friends. It is the perfect match after Ludo King who also has the offline mode. It is a great Board game for gamers who want Enjoyable with challenging and easy play gameplays. You can download it from the link below.

2. Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game:

Another famous and Multiplayer Ludo Board is Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game. AS the Boardgame is the perfect source of playing an online game, chatting, and enjoying with friends with the aim of learning new skills to enjoy the game So that you win it. It enables the gamers to get a chance of growing Global Community with the fun chat feature, Multiplayer Game Play, Tease, and enjoy the game. You can reach it through the link below.

3. Ludo SuperStar

With nearly 200k user downloads Ludo Superstar stands at the third popular Ludo Boardgame after the Ludo King. It is among all the board games, where you spend a wonderful time with your relatives or loved ones. Don't see further If you want to roll a dice in this game You can download it through the link below. Apart from the Ludo king, This game has some additional features and rules that make this game a perfectible choice from the other one. New a modern design with a wooden board and there is more of it. It free to play in Google's Android and Apple's App store

4. Snakes and Ladders :

With so much popularity and interesting gameplays, Snake Ladders is no longer become the Ludo King-like game. But it stands at the alternatives of the Ludo King-like Board game. Basically, the functionality of this game is unique from the previous one maybe because of the moves that may ride you to the bottom whenever you land on the snake. It offers must-sufficient or pretty straightforward gameplays so that you can enjoy at any place at any time. Just download it from the link below for Android users only.

5. Ludo Star 2:

It is the new version of the Ludo Star Game which is also free to play which enables you to sign up through social media platforms or personal Mobile numbers so that you'll create your gamer profile in it. If the gamers want to create clubs and share dices, Play with new arrow modes, Online Private Multiplayer modes with friends then this game is the perfect one for them. You can visit the game through the link below.

6. Yalla Ludo – LudoDomino:

This Ludo game is not much popular Ludo game yet but it gains so many downloads in such a short time span. It looks at a different approach than other ludo games that currently have only four gameplay modes Classic, Master, Quick, and Magic. but apart from these modes the game app developers of this game make a game more interesting through Domino: Drew Game mode where Talk with players via voice chat at any time, meet new friends and enjoy the game! Let's roll dice in it now Follow the link.

Final Verdicts

If you are tired of playing the same game over and over again! Now you know all the new interesting alternatives of Ludo King. These Board games have already all the features that you need to become a Ludo Star!

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