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The Double-A Team: Project Eden was a test of teamwork and patience by the old Tomb Raider team

It’s always a bit strange playing an old game for the first time, not that I like calling Project Eden old because it only just came out on PlayStation 2, and how can that be old? What – that was 20 years ago? Well that’s Friday in the bin. But what I mean is, experiencing Project Eden for the first time now is a bit like watching a classic film. There’s an air of historical importance to it, even if it is a bit clunky.

The premise is an intriguing one. Project Eden is a game by Tomb Raider creator Core Design, and it puts you in control of a squad of four law enforcement agents investigating the disappearance of various people in a futuristic city. It has that typical early 2000s feel to it: an undefined future that’s clean yet also far from pleasant. There are some wild predictions in it, like synthetic meat companies. Imagine!

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