February 1, 2023

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It Takes Two Kaleidoscope Puzzle Room – How to cross the gap

Stuck wondering how to get across to the other side of the room in It Takes Two’s Kaleidoscope area? Here’s the solution.

One of It Takes Two‘s many wonderful areas is set inside a Kaleidoscope. This area is full of some strange visual tricks that make the world behave oddly, but it’s also got a potentially game-stopping puzzle if you don’t click with what the game wants you to do. We’ve got the solution to the impossible to cross gap room, which is pretty simple once you know the trick.

How to cross the gap in It Takes Two Kaleidoscope room

If you are in the large Kaleidoscope room with the un-crossable gap in it and can’t figure out how to get to the other side, you might kick yourself when you see the solution. It’s really very simple.

Look up to the sides of the room that have the hexagons on them. At one point on each side you’ll see a hexagon that is coloured differently. The solution to the puzzle here is to use the light-up floor panels to join the two coloured hexagonal panels on each side of the room. It’s a bit like the game Blockbusters.

It Takes Two Kaleidoscope room puzzle

Simply stand still and wait for the room to reset the tiles on the floor. You’ll see a number of tiles remain lit. You and your co-op playing partner now just need to walk onto the tiles that complete the path across the floor. Simple. A way across the large gap will now be created for you.

This method works for all the puzzles in this area. Simply create a non-broken line of hexagons that runs across the room you’re in, making use of the floor tiles that are already lit.

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