March 29, 2023

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trade Post locations | How to complete every trade quest

Trade Posts are a new feature for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with the release of the Wrath of the Druids DLC.

With the help of the merchant Azar, Eivor can help turn their cousin Barid’s seat of power, Dublin, into Ireland’s most prosperous trade hub – while pocketing more than a few rewards for themselves.

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By collecting stockpiles of the four Irish resources – Cloth, Books, Luxuries, and Delicacies – Eivor can set up a merchantile empire that spans the furthest reaches of the known world.

Exporting goods not only brings its share of silver, but also unique items reflecting the far-flung places you’re trading with. This includes new armour sets, weapons, and tattoos and longship cosmetics.

To support the growth of your business, you’ll need raw materials – which you can get from some good old fashion pillaging of Ireland’s churches, abbeys, and monasteries with your Viking chums.

As you trade, you’ll increase the renown of Dublin and get the Dublin Champion Set. While you’ll also gain access to new trade contracts with each new level, including Iberian, Egyptian, Rus, and Byzantine-themed items.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | All Trade Post Locations

There are seven Trade Posts to find throughout the island of Ireland, five in the south and two in the north.

Each one increases your production of one of the four main materials.

You can unlock all of them as soon as you gain access to the first Trade Post at Rathdown, so it makes sense to capture them all immediately. This not only increases your output of goods as they pile up while you play the main story, but also gives you places to fast travel to.

Every Trade Post is marked by a yellow circle below:

How to set up a Trade Post in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Claiming a Trade Post is not just as simple as taking it by force. Eivor also needs to secure the deed to the land, which takes the form of a short quest at each settlement.

Here’s how to complete them all:

Rathdown – Rathdown Build Up

Soon after you arrive in Ireland, Barid tasks you with procuring an expensive gift for the would-be high king, Flann.

To achieve this, you’ll need the help of Azar to trade for exotic goods. Speak to her at her shop in Dublin market and she’ll tell Eivor about a settlement to the north, Rathdown.

The once thriving Trade Post has been overrun by bandits, and if Evior can liberate it, then their merchant life can begin.

After you’ve ridden north, cleared out the bandits and interacted with the raven sign to build your first structure, the overseer will direct you to a nearby abbey to raid for raw materials.

When you’ve procured your spoils, travel back to Rathdown, build the Workman’s Cottage, then deliver the news to Azar in Dublin.

Drumlish – Dyed in the Wool

To claim Drumlish, you need to complete the Dyed in the Wool quest.

First, read the letter up in the tree above the Trade Post and defeat the wolves.

You then find the deed is at Knockfree to the south. To get to it, blow up the wall at the top of the hill.

Lisdurrow – Giving Your Words

There’s another Trade Post in Meath at Lisdurrow, where you complete the Giving Your Words quest by defeating all of the guards, then securing the deed.

Read the letter in the side room of the wall and you find you need to go north to Inchroe, where you defeat more bandits.

Find the marked hut with your Odin’s Sight. Then to get the deed, shoot an explosive arrow through the left-hand window to open up the window at the back of the hut. Now shoot the lock from the front door and retrieve the deed.

Athlone – Trouble Brewing

At Athlone in Connacht, you get the Trouble Brewing quest. Clear out the bandits, then read the note by the barrels on the dock.

The deed is on the island to the north. When you have it, return to Athlone to add some delicacies to your supply chain.

Port Auley – The Ivory Post

Over in the northwest is Port Auley. This is controlled by the druids. Take them out, then read the note in the side room of the wall which tells you the deed is in Kesh Corann.

Kesh Corann is to the south and reveals that Pout Auley adds luxuries to your supply chain.

Look for Kesh Corann on the side of the cliff and you’ll see it has another part of the druidic armour set too.

Go to the upper level and head inside the cave by shooting an explosive arrow into the wall.

To get the armour, climb down the nearby ladder, smash the boxes after the druid to open a path, then slide under the wall and loot the box near to the venomous druid.

Return to Port Auley, claim the post, then build a lodging to increase productivity if you wish.

Ardmel – Sweetening the Pot

In the northeast of the country, in Northern Ireland, you have Ardmel and Movilla Abbey; as well as Donegal on the west side.

At Ardmel you complete Sweetening the Pot, where you clear out the bandits, then search the note next to the tent outside the walls.

The deed is at Gobbins Beach with more bandits. At Gobbins Beach, you need to open a locked cage, and the key is just off the shore, underwater next to a chest.

Return and claim the post to add more delicacies to your supply chain.

Dysert – Illuminating Event

The final supply post is Dysert in the northeast of Northern Ireland with the quest: Illuminating Event.

Clear out all of the soldiers, then burst through the boxes on the northern wall and read the note inside.

You’ll find the deed at Malin Head, far to the north. When you’ve got the deed return to Dysert to add some more books to your supply.

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