March 25, 2023

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New Pokemon Snap secrets | How to access all secret and alternate routes

New Pokemon Snap features a variety of stages where you can photograph Pokemon in their preferred habitat. But within these stages there are several secret routes that allow you to view more unusual sights — and take better-quality photographs of them.

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Some of these routes contain one-of-a-kind photo opportunities that fulfil LenTalk Requests. A few others even open up new locations for you to explore, and are essential if you want to see the game’s story to its completion.

How to access all secret and alternative paths in New Pokemon Snap

Some of New Pokemon Snap’s alternate paths are right out in the open. Others are so well hidden that it’s surprising that anyone could find them without knowing about them already. Either way, we’ve got a full list below detailing all the secret routes that we know about:

Stage NameSecret routeHow to access
Florio Nature ParkBidoof DamEnter the day version course on Research Level 3. When prompted, scan the area around the (now completed) Bidoof dam to uncover the alternate route.
Florio Nature ParkPinsir & HeracrossEnter the night version of the course on Research Level 2 or higher. When prompted to scan the mound of earth, use the camera’s Melody function to wake Pinsir.

Later in the stage, you will see Pinsir and Heracross playfighting. When you turn to get them in frame you’ll move a little closer to where they are, unlocking a minor alternate route that allows you to get a better photo.

Unlike most other alternate routes, taking this one won’t cause you to skip other sections of the stage.

Founja JungleBehind the waterfallThis one’s a little more complicated — we’ve written a full guide on it here.
Founja JungleAncient RuinsOnce you’ve scanned the Ancient Ruins, begin a new run on the night version of the stage.

The trick to unlocking this one is to throw Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs at every Liepard you see before arriving at the Ancient Ruins. This, crucially, includes one that spawns behind you just before you reach the ruins.

Aggro them enough and that last one will knock into the NEO-ONE, sending you onto the alternate route.

Founja JungleSwampEnter the course on the night version. Just before reaching the pond, use an Illumina Orb to light up the Crystabloom and reveal some nearby footprints. Scan them to access this secret route. (From now on, the route will also be available on the day version of the stage.)
Blushing BeachPrivate beachThis alternate path is always unlocked, you just have to scan it in time when prompted. There’s a Machamp posing on this beach which makes for a good three-star photo op.
Maricopia ReefPelipper rockTowards the end of the level, scan when prompted to reveal the alternate path that takes you past a flock of Pelipper.
Lental SeafloorLental Seafloor Illumina SpotReach Research Level 2 on Lental Seafloor, then replay the level and throw an Illumina Orb at the Clawitzer you encounter at the start.

Scan and take the alternate path it reveals to unlock the Illumina Spot. (This takes you to a completely different route to the regular Lental Seafloor stage.)

Lental SeafloorLugia’s chamberFollow the first secret route detailed above until you reach a large cavern. Throw an Illumina Orb at the Lanturn you find here, then repeat the same action when he becomes trapped between two Frillish.

Follow him with your camera as he swims away and you’ll be prompted to scan the crevice in the rocks where he disappears. This unlocks the secret route.

Sweltering SandsOasisEnter the stage on Research Level 2 or higher and scan when prompted to unlock this route.
Fireflow VolcanoCrystal roomEntering the stage on Research Level 2 will redirect you onto this route automatically. Reaching Level 3 will give you a choice of this or the original route when you reach the crossroads.
Shiver SnowfieldsBehind the snow wallEnter the stage during the day on Research Level 2 or higher. Photographing the Sandlash each time it appears will prompt it to dig through a snow wall, uncovering a previously blocked path for you to scan and follow.
Shiver SnowfieldsShowfield shoreEnter the stage during the night after unlocking the secret path as detailed above, and follow it.

When you see a Crabominable about to punch a tree, throw an Illumina Orb at it to super-charge its punch. Snow from the tree will fall on an Abomasnow, startling it.

Follow it until you see a Froslass and snap its picture to uncover a new secret route to scan and follow.

Elsewhere ForestAutumn/Winter seasonal routesPlay a Melody when you see a Trevenant on your right, prompting it to move. Scan when prompted and follow the new route that opens up.

You’ll see an Espeon up ahead: throw a Fluffruit to access the Autumn route, or an Illumina Orb to access the Winter route. (Doing neither will ping you back to the main path in Summer mode.)

You’ll need to repeat this every time you play the stage, depending on which season you want to visit.

Elsewhere ForestPlains path to the valleyAt Research Level 3, activate Crystablooms in the foggy area with Illumina Orbs to draw a Deerling out of hiding. Keep lighting up its path every time you see a new Crystabloom. If you help it get to the end, a new route will appear. Scan it to unlock permanently.
Research CampDifferent starting pointOnce you’ve completed two out of three Illumina Spots in the Lental Seafloor, Fireflow Volcano, or Elsewhere Forest stages, this alternate route will open up. You can choose which point you want to start from when beginning the stage.
Research CampLab interiorComplete all three Illumina Spots listed above and scan the decking when prompted to access an alternate route that takes you through the interior of the Research Lab.
Outaway CaveRimstone PathEnter the stage on Research Level 3. When you spot a Gengar portal, use one of your camera functions to activate it. Gengar will scare away a nearby Crobat, which in turn cancels out an interaction said Crobat would have had with some Rampardos later in the stage.

When you reach the purple pools where the Rampardos hang out, you’ll be able to scan and enter an alternate path.

Outaway CaveUnderground FlowersEnter the stage on Research Level 3. When you see a Mawlie and a Carbink together, use an Illumina Orb to activate the Crystabloom near them.

A Dancie will appear (which in itself is an excellent rare photo opportunity) and will prompt a second Mawlie to take a previously hidden path you can then scan and follow.

For more on how to see everything in New Pokemon Snap, see our guide to unlocking all locations in the game.

Or if you’re curious about how to fulfil LenTalk Requests, check out our guide to completing every request in Florio Nature Park.

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