July 6, 2022

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Demon’s Souls: Don’t Miss These White Tendency World Events

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Learn more about each of the World‘s Pure White Tendency Events below:

Boletarian Palace Pure White World Tendency Events

Gates of Boletaria (1-1): Directly ahead of the Archstone, behind some rubble on the left side of the path there is a staircase leading to a door that will only open if World Tendency is Pure White or Pure Black. Beyond this door you will find a Crystal Lizard, a number of Soul items, and about a half dozen Dreglings. You can find the Blue-Eye Knight Helmet behind a small brick structure near the far cliffside.

Follow the path past the Dreglings and you will find a path leading to a door that heads inside the castle. Executioner Miralda will spawn here, and killing her will get you the Binded Armor Set and a Master’s Ring.

Through this door and past Mirelda is a deep pit. Take the ladder to the bottom to find the Brushwood Armor Set, which is incredibly heavy so you might have to send to storage. You will also see an item on a wooden beam near the ladder. If you carefully drop off the broken beam above you can reach the item, a rare Colorless Demon Soul.


Finally, Pure White Tendency can cause the Red and Blue Dragons to disappear from their cliffside nest, allowing you to grab all of their loot safely.

Stonefang Tunnel Pure White World Tendency Events

The Tunnel City (2-2): Pure White Tendency in this World spawns a new NPC, Scirvir The Wanderer. He can be found in the dead end tunnel above the Flamelurker boss fight. From the Archstone, head down the left path past all of the mining enemies, then drop down keeping your eye out for the large platform with the cave about halfway down. There are two Crystal Lizards in this cave as well.

Speak to Scirvir and he will ask you to show him a legendary weapon known as the Dragon Bone Smasher, which is supposedly found deep down in the Stonefang Tunnels. If you have the weapon you can show it to him in exchange for a Pure Greystone. If you kill Scirvir he will drop a Ronin’s Ring (just make sure you show him the Dragon Bone Smasher first)

Underground Temple (2-3): Go into the Dragon God boss fight and take a left at the split path. The rubble that previously blocked this path will be cleared, allowing you to grab the Dragon Bone Smasher located behind it.

Tower of Latria Pure White World Tendency Events

Prison of Hope (3-1): In Pure White World Tendency the large pile of rubble that once blocked the end of the path on floor 2F West (across from the imprisoned Rydell) in now gone. You can find a few items in the cells beyond the rubble, most notably the Three-Cornered Hat and the Venerable Sage’s Armor Set

Speaking of Rydell, if you have gone to 3-2 with Pure White World Tendency and retrieved the Prison of Hope, 2F W Cell Key you can free him from his cell. He will reward you with a Dull Rat’s Ring. (details below)

Once Rydell is freed you can go all the way down to the first floor and find that the door in the corner behind the Prisoner Horde enemy is now unlocked. Follow the path up to floor 2F East which is now explorable. Follow the path all the way around where you will find the Prison of Hope, 2F E Cell Key in the one the last cells.

There are a number of items lootable from the cells on this floor, most notably the Parrying Dagger and Rogue’s Armor Set.

Upper Latria (3-2): Return to the first tower where you killed the Dreglings conducting the ritual to release the first chain. From the ritual platform, go up the stairs where you will discover a wooden plank has appeared to bridge the gap in the staircase. Cross the path and ascend to the top of the tower where you will find the Prison of Hope, 2F W Cell Key (used to open Rydell’s cell, as mentioned above).

Shrine of Storms Pure White World Tendency Events

Island’s Edge (4-1): A new NPC, Satsuki, will appear just past the Archstone. He will call out to you, asking you to help him find a rare weapon known as the Magic Sword Makoto. If you have the the Magic Sword, interacting with Satsuki in any way (giving him the sword, not giving him the sword, equipping it in front of him) will cause him to attack you. You can kill him to get the sword back.

The Ritual Path (4-2): Return to the room where you found and rescued Saint Urbain and you will find that the once unobtainable item that was on top of the pile of rocks has now fallen onto the ground. This item is the Magic Sword Makoto that Satsuki is seeking.

Valley of Defilement Pure White World Tendency Events

Depraved Chasm (5-1): Near the bottom of the chasm, on a cliffside path leading to the hut where you encounter the first Giant Depraved One, there will now be a ladder in place in an indent in the cliffside. Climb up this ladder and follow the path to the end and you will find three Giant Depraved Ones guarding an item on the ground. Kill these enemies to claim the item for yourself, the rare Istarelle Spear.

Swamp of Sorrow (5-2): Just past the first fog gate in this area (directly after the two Giant Depraved Ones and the Poisoned Depraved One) you will see a new NPC sitting on a small island in the swamp. This is Selen Vinland, who will ask you if you know where her brother, Garl Vinland is.

If you have the Crest of Vinland (looted from killing Garl Vinland’s Black Phantom) and at least 10 Faith you can give it to her in exchange for the Ring of Devout Prayer. If you kill Selen Vinland she will drop the ring, as well as the Dull Gold Armor Set.

Rotting Haven / Sanctuary of the Lost (5-3 / 5-4): Assuming you have killed Maiden Astraea, Garl Vinland’s Black Phantom will spawn in the same area that he did in the Maiden boss fight. His Black Phantom form is much stronger than his normal form, but the same boss strategy applies. Killing him will get you his weapon, Bramd, as well as the Crest of Vinland needed for the sidequest mentioned above.

Spawning into 5-3 will let you approach the Garl Vinland encounter from his front, whereas spawning into 5-4 will let you sneak up behind him.

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