June 1, 2023

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Yuki puts VR bullet hell in the palm of your hand

Arvore, the studio behind the retro-tastic Pixel Ripped series is back this week with a brand new VR game called Yuki.

Yuki launches on Oculus Quest and PC VR platforms on the 22nd of July and it’s best described as a VR bullet-hell roguelike. Instead of using a controller to move a space ship across a flat screen though, in Yuki, you use motion controls to hold an anime-inspired action figure as you weave it in an out of increasingly intense volleys of enemy fire.

The game is presented like it’s being played out in a child’s imagination, so if you ever played with a Kenner toys X-Wing back in the day and whooshed it around your bedroom pretending to shoot at TIE Fighters, you’ll get the idea.

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