July 7, 2022

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Xbox Series X Guides: How to Share Games, Audio Options, Game Lists, and More

Microsoft’s next-generation consoles are here. Though the Xbox dashboard may look familiar, there are settings and features you may want to check out before hopping into a game, or maybe even while a game is downloading. From Series X optimized games list to a guide on how to transfer your save data, IGN’s Xbox Series X guide is a full suite of set-up guides for your new adventure.

Getting Started

Setting up the new console is now a bit simpler with the Xbox app. However, in case you missed anything, you can check out these guides.

How to Set Up Your Series X

  • Again, the fastest and easiest way to set up your new Xbox is with the Xbox app. However, in the event you don’t want to use the app, you can use your controller to set up the console by following the prompts on your screen. Joining Wi-Fi and signing into your account are certainly faster on the app given you’ll have to use one form of keyboard or another. This guide also goes over screen and HDR calibration and game network transfer.

7 Things to Do First With Your Series X

  • Consider digging through the Xbox settings a bit while a game is downloading. It’s worth double-checking your display settings and, if you use a digital assistant like Google or Alexa, you can set those up to use voice commands. Read about all that and more in this guide.

Setting Up Parental Controls

  • If you used Xbox Family accounts to manage content restrictions or playtime restrictions on the Xbox One, you’ll be able to continue that with the Series X|S.

Sharing Digital Games With Others

  • Yes, you still can share digital games and your Xbox Live subscription with other accounts on your new Xbox Series X by setting your new console as your “home” Xbox. This can only be done a limited number of times. You’ll find the option to do this in Settings > General > Personalization > My home Xbox.

How-To Guides

There are many things you can do to optimize your experience or to set up extra things, and these guides can help you figure out how to do them.

Xbox Series X Games Lists

Want to know what’s currently playable on your Series X|S? How about what’s coming? These lists can help you out.

You can also click or tap through the slideshow below.

Confirmed Xbox Series X Games

Additional Guides

IGN’s Xbox Series X|S guide also includes a number of information guides, like a comparison of the Xbox Series X to the Series S, a list of all the Xbox first-party studios and their known projects, and even an overview of the Series X settings should you need to reference them quickly.

Then, of course, where would we be without game guides? Some of these guides are still in progress, but there’s a lot of great and helpful information ready for you.

Miranda Sanchez is the executive editor of guides at IGN. You can chat with her about video games and stationery on Twitter. The Xbox Series X guide was written by her and other members of the IGN Guides team.

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