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Wytchwood review – a gorgeous but repetitive crafting adventure

I am repeatedly drawn to games with strong visuals, and Wytchwood was no exception. In its very first moment, you wake up as a witch, herself a plump figure with what looks like a pot for a head, in a hut that looks like it comes straight out of a fairy tale pop-up book. Everything from your bookshelf to the cauldron bubbling away on the hearth looks slightly two-dimensional, and yet the setting seems to be teeming with life.

To soothe the witch’s creaking bones, you gather a few ingredients and learn how to mix a potion using your grimoire, a nicely intuitive process with simple controls even on consoles. An annoying goat turns out to be a demon that orders you to collect souls if you want to fulfil your contract with it – a contract the old lady unfortunately can’t even remember.

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