October 21, 2021

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We still have plenty of unanswered questions about Battlefield 2042

It’s fair to say that for most big games today, there’s typically a mountain of questions we rarely find the answers to until launch. Battlefield 2042 is definitely one such game. Even setting aside all the technical innovations and gameplay overhauls DICE is bringing to the table this time around, any Battlefield launch would demand a level of scrutiny regardless.

We’ve gone over everything we learned from our time with the Battlefield 2042 beta in a separate story. Here, we’re going to focus on things DICE either isn’t addressing, or those we simply couldn’t ascertain from what we played of the beta.

Battlefield games haven’t always offered a wealth of weapon customization options – in terms of sights, barrels, and other attachments. Battlefield 4 was the height of that, offering not only a wide range of gameplay-altering options, but different versions of each one for more visual variety.

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