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We spoke to players of Fortnite’s Chinese test server about its closure

Yesterday it was revealed that the Chinese Fortnite “test” server will be closing down November 15. The game, which existed as an altogether different version of the popular battle royale, is likely to be closed due to financial reasons. The game had still not received approval from government regulators in China, and the costs of keeping the servers live probably lead to the decision to shut it down.

While new accounts of the Fortnite test server can no longer be created, players already invested are spending the next two weeks enjoying an experience soon to be lost. We reached out to some of those players to learn more about their experience with the server, how they learnt the news, and what happens now.

We first reached out to a user by the name of Joker_BaiYi. They started playing Fortnite back around October 2018 as their friends had been playing previous instalments of the game. As of today, they have around 4,800 hours played on the global version of Fortnite, and 1,010 hours in Fortnite’s Chinese test server.

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