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Vanguard weapon bloom nerfed in Warzone, and it will soon get even better

The launch of Warzone Pacific season one hasn’t been without its share of controversy and community criticism. Many unwanted changes and inherited features from Vanguard have made their way into the game – with perhaps the biggest being weapon bloom.

Thankfully, this particular feature has been heavily nerfed according to recently released Warzone patch notes. For those who don’t know, weapon bloom refers to the random spread of bullets coming out of a gun when fired consistently.

If you were to aim at a target and shoot one bullet at a time, it will always hit exactly where you are aiming. However, if you hold down the trigger, consecutive bullets may shift slights away from your reticle. This, as you can imagine, made portions of the player base angry, as they felt the bullets they shoot should always land on target.

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