October 18, 2021

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Twitch resets stream keys following major hack, just to be cautious

Twitch has announced that it has reset stream keys for all streamers on the platform. The company notified streamers via email, and revealed more about the move on its blog.

According to Twitch, the resetting of stream keys was done “out of an abundance of caution.” This follows Twitch’s statement earlier this week after it kicked off an investigation into the cause of its massive data breach. Apparently, a setup error is how hackers were able to access Twitch’s servers.

Twitch said it should all be business as usual for streamers using Twitch Studio, Streamlabs, and those streaming from PlayStation, Xbox and Twitch’s mobile app. This is also true for OBS users, though those who have not connected their Twitch account to OBS will need to enter the new stream key manually.

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