October 15, 2021

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Twitch confirms massive leak is real as it scrambles to understand its extent

This has been an unexpectedly eventful week for Twitch, for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday, an anonymous hacker released over 125GB of data, which they claimed contains Twitch’s entire source code.

The magnitude of the leak is so vast, it includes SDKs for the site and its apps, plans for Steam competitor called Vapor, payouts to the platform’s top streamers, and a wealth of other privileged information. After initially not issuing any statements, Twitch has now confirmed that “a breach has taken place,” promising to kick off an investigation to understand the extent of the damage.

Several hours later, Twitch shared slightly more information in a blog post, revealing that “some data” was leaked because of an error in its server configuration change. This unfortunate error allowed hackers to access Twitch’s servers.

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